New Vista High school

Nostalgia Produced by Ronan Tillotson from New Vista High School on December 4, 2019. This is something we all wish we could go back to which is usually when we were younger. These memories bring a lot of joy to people and even hardship, but whatever it is, we all have nostalgic moments.

SELFISHNESS Produced and Narrated by CJ Lanaghen from New Vista High School in November, 2019     A Logical Argument for Selfishness We all know what the dictionary definition of selfishness is. But do we know the real life applications of selfishness? Do we know when its too much, or when its necessary to be […]

DEAD MEMES Produced by Aidan Sockrider from New Vista High School on 12/4/19 In meme culture it’s very common for memes to be pronounced dead after becoming irrelevant, which isn’t inherently wrong. The problem is how dangerous it is to put memes completely to rest without giving them a second chance.

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