New Vista High School, Boulder

New Vista High School, Boulder

New Vista High School provides rigorous learning in a supportive culture. The school is designed to cultivate the unique talents, gifts, and interests of students who are ready to be more responsible for their own learning.  New Vista High school connects community partners with their students through quarter long workshops. Media Gardens has been facilitating weekly workshops where students learn the basics of audio recording productions, podcasting, soundscapes and sound design.

–       La Escuela Secundaria New Vista de la Ciudad de Boulder

  • La Escuela New Vista provee aprendizaje riguroso con una cultura de apoyo. La escuela está diseñada para cultivar los talentos, dones, e intereses únicos de estudiantes que están listos para responsabilizarse de su propio aprendizaje.New Vista conecta a organizaciones  de la comunidad con sus estudiantes a través de talleres que duran un trimestre. Media Gardens facilita talleres semanales donde lxs estudiantes aprenden elementos básicos de producción de audio, podcasting, paisajes sonoros, y diseño de sonido.


Produced by Forest Twarogowski from New Vista High School on 12/4/19

Forest explains how life is as someone who was adopted and what his thoughts are on the way he was brought up.

Note about content: This is coming from my perspective as an international adoption. This is just my opinion about it, I am by no means saying I’m correct about anything.


Produced by Aidan Sockrider on December 4, 2019

In meme culture it’s very common for memes to be pronounced dead after becoming irrelevant, which isn’t inherently wrong. The problem is how dangerous it is to put memes completely to rest without giving them a second chance.


Produced and Narrated by CJ Lanaghen from New Vista High School in November, 2019

A Logical Argument for Selfishness

We all know what the dictionary definition of selfishness is. But do we know the real life applications of selfishness? Do we know when its too much, or when its necessary to be selfish? Author CJ Lanaghen believes that no, we don’t. With a pair of stories about selfish people and an analytical breakdown to follow each, join us to learn about why selfishness may not be inherently bad. Buckle up and prepare yourself for A Logical Argument for Selfishness

Local writer CJ Lanaghen is currently attending New Vista Highschool for his Sophomore year. With just about a decade of experience under his belt, he spends most of his free time writing short stories, poems, and audio pieces. When he isn’t working, learning, or writing, CJ makes his own music and performs in local theater productions.


Produced by Ronan Tillotson on December 4, 2019.

This is something we all wish we could go back to which is usually when we were younger. These memories bring a lot of joy to people and even hardship, but whatever it is, we all have nostalgic moments.

What is Friendship About?

Produced by Colin Berry, a.k.a. Luna, on December, 4 2019

If your wondering about my little pony and how they think and how we feel about people that bully us because we watch mlp then this is for you our your just bored but this podcast is a great one and  anyone that is listening it will open your mind to new possibilities.

Dead Things

Produced by Koda Steed on December 4, 2019

Shambala Allegations

Produced by Soren Maret on December 4, 2019.

Mass Shooting Segment

Produced by  Rex Nicholson on December 4, 2019

This is about mass shootings and the possible solutions to this problem.It comes from the perspective of a 14 year old highschool student.

Dear Future Generations

By Pedro Guerra – Spring Semester, 2019

The moving narrative of “Dear Future Generations”, produced by Pedro Guerra, addresses the devastating harm the human race has caused to the environment with a call to action.

  • La narrativa emotiva “Dear Future Generations, producida por Pedro Guerra, abarca el daño devastador que la raza humana ha causado en el medio ambiente, seguido por una llamada a la acción.

Little Lotte – The Mirror

By Sarah – Spring Semester, 2019

In this engaging episode from her program Becoming Broadway, Sarah discusses elements from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera.

  • En este episodio cautivador de su programa Becoming Broadway, Sarah discute elementos de la opera Phantom of the Opera escrita por Andrew Lloyd Webber.


By Leon – Spring Semester, 2019

In this compilation titled “IRS”, which features public announcements, personal phone calls, and commercial audios, Leon offers a whimsical portrayal of a government agency.

  • Con esta compilación titulada “IRS”, que incluye anuncios públicos, llamadas telefónicas, y audios comerciales, Leon ofrece un retrato extravagante de una agencia gubernamental.

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