Spring Session 2020 at New Vista High School

Written by on January 27, 2021


Produced by Kai Wilcox on February 5, 2020

Generation Z is the first generation of internet natives. We are the children of an unprecedented age of technology. How does that impact our social development? How are we to move towards progress in an increasingly globalized and divided world? How will our awareness of our world and ourselves impact the future?

Local writer and aspiring thinker Kai Wilcox is currently attending New Vista High School in Boulder, Colorado. As someone who believes everyone is an artist at heart, he is cultivating an appreciation of the arts, literature, and history which is the driving force behind his writing.



Produced by CJ Lanaghen 2/19/20

In this piece, author CJ Lanaghen shares the story of Emma, a girl in the process of dying, and her friend Julian. Based on the first verse of Listen Before I Go by Billie Eilish, this story aims to show a side of friendship that not many are able to see, a side in which a dying wish can become the absolute authority in a relationship. With a sparsely decorated soundscape and focus on realism, this story surely isn’t for the faint of heart.

Local writer CJ Lanaghen is currently attending New Vista Highschool for his Sophomore year. With just about a decade of experience under his belt, he spends most of his free time writing short stories, poems, and audio pieces. When he isn’t working, learning, or writing, CJ makes his own music and performs in local theater productions.


Planet Nine

Produced by Ronan Tillotson on February 5, 2020 – Planet Nine

With only eight discovered planets in our solar system, is it possible for a ninth one? Professionals have theorized the coordinates of this planet but how are we unable to find this planet? There are so many speculations of what this could be, even space probes are interrupted by this strange source. This is only one of the theories for the gravitational forces with the many planets near it.


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