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Due to school closures, Media Gardens worked with New Vista High School to offer online radio workshops to students. The students took this opportunity to reflect on the current state of affairs brought on by the pandemic, writing and recording personal scripts while implementing basic audio production techniques.   Media Gardens COVID Diary 1 – […]

GEN Z- THE EMPATHY GENERATION Produced by Kai Wilcox on February 5, 2020 Generation Z is the first generation of internet natives. We are the children of an unprecedented age of technology. How does that impact our social development? How are we to move towards progress in an increasingly globalized and divided world? How will […]

Nostalgia Produced by Ronan Tillotson from New Vista High School on December 4, 2019. This is something we all wish we could go back to which is usually when we were younger. These memories bring a lot of joy to people and even hardship, but whatever it is, we all have nostalgic moments.

Adoption Produced by Forest Twarogowski from New Vista High School on 12/4/19 Forest explains how life is as someone who was adopted and what his thoughts are on the way he was brought up. Note about content: This is coming from my perspective as an international adoption. This is just my opinion about it, I […]

SELFISHNESS Produced and Narrated by CJ Lanaghen from New Vista High School in November, 2019     A Logical Argument for Selfishness We all know what the dictionary definition of selfishness is. But do we know the real life applications of selfishness? Do we know when its too much, or when its necessary to be […]

DEAD MEMES Produced by Aidan Sockrider from New Vista High School on 12/4/19 In meme culture it’s very common for memes to be pronounced dead after becoming irrelevant, which isn’t inherently wrong. The problem is how dangerous it is to put memes completely to rest without giving them a second chance.

LYAC’s Cesar Chavez Audio Collage By Arely Aguirre, John Painter, Matthew Hinojosa – March 13, 2019 This audio collage is a compilation of responses gathered from an interactive media installation that was built at the annual Cesar Chavez ‘Convivio’ in Lafayette. Listen to the responses that Boulder County community members had to questions based on […]

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