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The Youth Services Initiative – YSI


The Youth Services Initiative is a community-based after school and summer program for youth living in low-income housing. The Youth Services Initiative inspires youth and families from underrepresented communities to make healthy, caring and responsible choices through recreation, health and well-being opportunities as well as life skill development.

–       La Iniciativa de Servicios para los Jóvenes – YSI

  • La Iniciativa de Servicios para los Jóvenes es un programa extracurricular y que también se ofrece durante el verano para jóvenes de familias de bajos recursos. Esta Iniciativa de Servicios para Jóvenes inspira a jóvenes y familias de comunidades que frecuentemente no están representadxs,a tomar decisiones saludables, cuidadosas, y responsables por medio de la recreación saludable,las oportunidades de bienestar y el desarrollo de habilidades y conocimientos para la subsistencia.




GENESISTER is a pregnancy prevention program for the siblings of pregnant and parenting teens in Boulder County. It is a partner program to the award-winning GENESIS Program for pregnant and parenting teens. GENESISTER was developed in response to the high number of GENESIS siblings who become teen parents themselves.


Bilingual youth from the Longmont and Boulder Genesisters program have participated in Media Gardens Radio Production & Storytelling Workshop, visiting the KGNU studios to learn about the awesome world of community radio. During the Radio Production & Storytelling Workshops, girls between the ages of 13 and 16 learned to use the basic tools for radio production and developed stories that voiced their experiences, thoughts, dreams and passions.



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